My name is Sarah and I’m a Naturopath and herbalist.

In my line of work I meet so many people who feel they like they’re plodding on from day to day, functioning at half their “battery power.” They’ve lost their sparkle, but believe that’s just the way life is; and so they get on with it. This state of “half-self” (have you ever sought help for “not feeling yourself?”) can easily become the norm. This is because we’re afraid that others may think we’re complainers, or that we are weak in some way. Worse case scenario people think we are hypochondriacs.

The little voice that tries to awaken us is often heard, but more often ignored. It isn’t until a turning point is reached where the half self wants to become whole again.

Let me tell you a secret:

Being whole is your right! Human beings were not designed to spend their life functioning at less than 100%. There are many, many natural ways to get yourself back to being YOU.

Herbs and food have been our allies since time began. They nourish, heal, and safely support you in a way that allopathic medications cannot. Your body recognises them, and so responds to their gentle encouragement to shift you back to a place where you can return to a state of balance, harmony and vibrant health.

Let’s begin our journey – the transformation will be wonderful.




Clean Eating: A Common Sense Approach To Diet & Nutrition

Clean Eating: A Common Sense Approach To Diet & Nutrition

The diet industry has made millions out of inventing new ways for us to eat. It seems the media has tricked us into becoming obsessed with food. Despite this, our overall health seems to be on the decline. Clean eating doesn’t require you to follow a diet – the idea is simple: stick to eating natural, nutrient rich, fresh produce and avoid processed food. It really is that easy. Here’s how:

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