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Welcome to Amour

Amour Swinging Club and Spa opened it’s doors in June 2014 and in a short time, has become a hugely popular venue for the swinging community, not just locally but nationally. Focused on providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, within immaculate and tasteful play rooms and social areas, our staff pride themselves on generating a feel good fun vibe in a safe and inclusive environment.
At Amour, we embrace those new to the scene, those exploring clubs alone and our staff are on hand to provide any support and advice you need to ensure you have a comfortable and memorable experience.
Our clientele are a range of ages with a great balance of couples, considerate single males and we also enjoy a phenomenal amount of single ladies who feel comfortable within our warm welcoming club.



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New to Swinging?

Brand new to the club scene?
Attending a swinging club for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially if you are attending alone.

At Amour, we embrace newcomers and have created several social events to allow the curious to mingle with seasoned swingers in a none pressured environment. Our lounge area encourages a social nightclub type atmosphere.

Our staff do their utmost to ensure your experience is comfortable and those butterflies soon vanish. They will give you a guided tour of the club, explain the etiquette and rules that make our club a respectful and safe place and then answer any queries you have regarding the club scene.